Month: December 2014

Tithing: Grace or Law?

Tithe: Law or Grace?

Let’s not confuse Law with Grace (Gal 3:1d MIRROR).   There are only two options for seekers of God: religion or relationship, law or grace. Only one of these will succeed.   Tithe or Writhe Much of today’s mainstream preaching on the tithe is based on a system of reward or punishment. You give, you get (or you at least get… Read more →

Sword of Aslan / the Lion of Judah

The Simplicity of Victory

Victorious Meditation “Make his master plan your meditation” (Eph 5:17 MIRROR). In the blink of an eye, the Father can release food from the sky. He can water the dry ground. He can mend broken bones and open blind eyes. But to lead you and I and all of humanity into precious faith, such faith that we have no strife… Read more →