Month: June 2015

The Kingdom is Joy!|Kiss of Christ

The Kingdom is Peace & Joy!

Simple Is Good! TWEET THIS: Last week, I wrote that the Kingdom is within you, and left it at that, despite the slight oversimplifying of the grandiose realities of God’s everlasting kingdom in, through, and all around us. Notwithstanding, that simple, plain little key of the Kingdom’s internal-ness remains the key to the great treasure chest. The Kingdom within me is the crux to the Kingdom… Read more →

The Kingdom Within | Kiss of Christ

The Kingdom Is Within You

If the kingdom is within, why are we trying so hard to establish it without? The great commission is not to overtake the earth and establish a new world order. Our incentive for dealing with tops of “mountains” is not to legislate the gospel but to release the Good News of God’s grace down the hillsides. Establishing the Kingdom In Lk 17:21, Jesus said… Read more →

Kiss of Christ|Rest in His Grace

What Is Falling From Grace?

Falling from Grace? I’ve always loved trip-hop and weird underground music. Back in the day, one of my fave songs was “6 Underground” by Sneaker Pimps. In the song, Kelli Ali sings, “I’m open to falling from grace. Talk me down, safe and sound…” I know now that she hadn’t the slightest idea what that phrase meant, and until I investigated… Read more →